Where to go from here

Well, I don’t know that I would even consider this a beginning, but it is something I suppose.  Everyone has a social network site, I have never seen the need and still do not to some extent.  Although I design and write web sites and programs for a living, I have no real clue what I would like one which is specifically mine to say or how I would like to project its theme or feel.  Is this a programming site?  How about a site dedicated to games? Books? Random discussions with myself?  Writing?  Readings for Librivox (Great site go check them out)?

As you can tell, or, rather, as I can tell, I have no clue as to what I am looking to accomplish with this live site.  Hopefully I’ll do a good enough job with the tags that anyone who is looking will be able to read what they want and avoid the rest.

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