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Jitterbug Perfume

Ok, so I have been sick the past few days and therefore had a little extra time to get through the book I have been reading at wife’s behest.  I’m still a little baffled that this is one of her … Continue reading

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Library Organization, Booksales and Jitterbugs

I have undertaken a fairly large task over the past week or so in going through and getting my library (if you can call it that) ready for organization.  Previous to this activity they were scattered in pseudo organization around … Continue reading

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SSIS Answerer

For what it is worth, I have now been named an "Answerer" on the MSDN forums for my contributions in the SSIS forums.  I have mentioned it before, but I really have drank the microsoft cool-aid when it comes to … Continue reading

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Anyone else sick of this?

In other news, who is getting sick of the elections?  I am a huge Obama supporter.  I used to like Clinton enough that I wouldn’t be angry if she had won.  Now, not so much.  She is really getting on … Continue reading

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Another Silly Book Entry

I seem to have gathered some more free time to do some of the stuff I like somehow.  I have still been playing guild wars (although not as much) and am currently going through Nightfall with a few friends on … Continue reading

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