Anyone else sick of this?

In other news, who is getting sick of the elections?  I am a huge Obama
supporter.  I used to like Clinton enough that I wouldn’t be angry if
she had won.  Now, not so much.  She is really getting on my nerves…
She has so much "Experience".  Oh wait, she was a wife to a president. 
Does that really qualify as experience?

And all of the polls you keep hearing about… "Barrack is now behind McCain" "Clinton is gaining on Barrack" "Barrack is Gaining on Clinton in Penn." etc.  How do they come up with these?  Who has the time for a million polls every week?  Can no one make up their minds?  Or are we so easily led that the different tv ads and news articles are changing peoples minds?  Has there even been any real relevant news or discoveries, any new debates, anything at all that really SHOULD change someones mind for the past month or two?

Anywho, try not to talk

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