Library Organization, Booksales and Jitterbugs

I have undertaken a fairly large task over the past week or so in going through and getting my library (if you can call it that) ready for organization.  Previous to this activity they were scattered in pseudo organization around authors and to a lesser extent around book genre.  Sometime last week it came to me that I was missing quite a few books and that I should probably start to keep track of who I lend them out to or where they might be throughout the house.  And, since I have been into databases so much over the past few years I decided this one might be a good project for the house.  So, crack open the ole sql express and start to design.  At least, that is what I had planned on doing.  Instead I got sidetracked once again (it happens a lot these days) and when I was searching around on what ISBNs really mean I found a website that hosts your bookshelf collection (, and, more importantly exports to csv.  So off I went entering in hordes of books.  Now I have nearly all of my books (I am still missing all of my 3.0 and 3.5 D&D books from the game room) entered into an excel spreadsheet waiting for me to get around to building that data base and SSIS package to import into said db.

This project was partially brought on by the knowledge that the friends of the library book sale was going to happen this weekend.  In the past I have double purchased a fair number of books because I couldn’t remember if I had already purchased them (either for myself or my wife).  I was determined not to do this again this year (unless if it was on purpose, like buying a new copy of the sword of shannara since mine was in such poor shape).  Anywho, the book sale was great.  I got about 30 books or so, including finishing out both the John Irving and Tom Robbins collections for my wife.

One of the agreements that my wife and I came to over the past few weeks was that we would try to read some of each others favorite books.  I gave her Peace by Gene Wolfe, she gave me Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.  Currently I am about 70 pages into the book and it has not been what I would expect in the least.  She had said it was strange, and it is, but I had not expected one of her favorite books to be quite this … I don’t know the correct word, racey?  Anywho, more on this one later.

Oh, almost forgot, I also got through Sung in Blood by Glen Cook.  I don’t know that I would really recommend this one to anyone who is not a die hard cook fan.  Very little closure, as one of the reviewers stated, this one reads almost like he is recording events from a D&D module.  I don’t know.  I liked it well enough, and there was certainly a lot of action, but it was not really up to par with his other fantasy books (i.e. black company, swordbearer, tower of fear, etc).

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