Jitterbug Perfume

Ok, so I have been sick the past few days and therefore had a little extra time to get through the book I have been reading at wife’s behest.  I’m still a little baffled that this is one of her two favorite books.  Not because it is not a good book, I actually enjoyed it a good deal.  No, I am more surprised because of how far out there this book is.  This novel is hard to categorize.  It is one part sex, one part
fantasy, and two parts epic.  It is very provocative in the sense that Tom Robbins is able to incite
the imagination in a way that few authors that I have read are able
to.  He is able to present the essence of an object with metaphors that
seem almost not to fit with that which he is describing, but, at the
same time when wrapped with the rest of the passage, fits the object in
a very real and distinct manner.  It explores what it means to live and to
die.  It explores what it takes to evolve and why the dinosaurs are
really extinct.  And it explores Beets.  There are lots of beets
sprinkled throughout….
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