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Using SSIS SQL Server Configurations with Indirectly Configured Connection String

Overview: Here is a quick article on using SSIS Configurations that I wrote awhile back.  It contains notes on how to set up an indirect configuration to the SQL Server where the configuration table is stored.  Finally, it shows how a user would … Continue reading

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Data Modeling Made Simple and Data Quality

So, over the past week or so when I went to VSLive! I was also in the process of trying to get a few more technical books read in the hopes that they will help me out with my Business … Continue reading

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Techmentor / VSLive! Orlando 2008

I got back from Techmentor / VSLive! 2008 Orlando on Friday evening and I am still not quite sure what to think.  It was pretty fun, and I learned a good deal, but I don’t know how much I took … Continue reading

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Snow Crash

Well,  I just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.  The book takes its title from an interesting event, when a glitch / bug / virus causes a machines output to crash and the effect is gibberish binary, much like that … Continue reading

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A trip to Champaign Urbana and Indianapolis

So this past weekend we were once again out and about, this time traveling to a wedding in Illinois.  As it happened, we went in to Indianapolis and rented a car to drive the rest of the way (about 2 … Continue reading

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