D&D 4e

So,  currently our gaming group is playing through the later sessions of an old AD&D 2nd Edition Box Set, The Night Below.  My good friend has gone through and converted most of the content to 3.5 (although I would have to say that I believe he is just winging most of it… Doesn’t seem like he has adjusted any power / wealth / encounter difficulty levels at all) for this rendition.  It has played out relatively well and I think will be well remembered.  Now, the problem is deciding what to do next.  I have never been a fan of high level D&D as I really don’t think that our groups play style really lends itself to games where tact, style, political thinking and strategy are key.  Most of the guys are more hack and slash, which is fine, except when you get to these levels it is often either a really easy battle or a date with death.  Part of the group really wants to continue on and play through Dragon Mountain (Another 2nd Ed. Box Set) even with these problems.  I personally don’t know which way I am leaning. 

With 4th Edition out this week I was thinking about trying to run through a quick campaign (maybe just the shadowfel module) to test it out.  The only problem with this is, of course, deciding whether or not it is worth the effort to learn a new system.  We are pretty happy with 3.5 (although to be honest, I would like to try some of the other game systems we have, such as Call of Cthulhu, White Wolf, True 20, etc) and really more than likely don’t NEED to change to the newest system.  As a matter of fact, we have years worth of gaming material to play through for 3.5.  But there is the urge to "try it out" which is what got us into playing through 3rd edition in the first place (We swore we wouldn’t move on from 2nd edition at the time that 3rd came out).  Who knows… I’ve got a poll up on our gaming forums that no-one seems to want to answer, perhaps because it is a pretty important decision.  Or perhaps because they are just lazy.  Or perhaps because they don’t want to hurt my feelings but don’t want to ever see me behind the DM screen again… Ah well…. I suppose it will all play out.

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