Going Overboard, Follow-up

As a quick follow-up to a somewhat recent post, I have now had most of the new components for my system for a little over a week now.  Yesterday I got the final piece (the hauppauge WinTV HVR-950).  I am happy with each of the pieces, although there have been a few blips.  For instance, when i got my xb3000 expansion base (i.e. docking station) in it took awhile to load when rebooting the system having the external hard drive plugged in.  This does not appear to be a problem at all since.  I have further had it lock a few times, because my ipod is starting to go bad (I probably need to reset to factory and go ahead and restart) and the base is trying to communicate with it to determine if it is a bootable device.  Also, when I plugged my monitor into the base it started to flicker, although this might also have been from changing to a different surge protector.  After a few hours searching around online I saw a tip that it might have been a problem with the ground synching between the base and the monitor (?) and that I should try to plug it into one of the old 3-prong to 2-prong converters.  I tried this and it seems to have been working fine for almost a week now.  The few times I have grabbed my laptop to go somewhere it has been a real luxury to have this unit.  I am using the wireless keyboard and mouse on my other laptop which we have plugged into the t.v. and they also seem to work fine for our purposes (although they do seem a little cheap).

The hauppauge unit is very nice.  I was able to install it with no problems, although I also installed the software that came with it.  After looking around at this software for a few minutes I decided that it was pretty terrible and switched over to starting to use windows media center.  There was a headache there in that it did not want to download the latest guides…. I was getting an error – 13.  I am still not 100% certain what I ended up doing, but after a few hours of trying different things it downloaded successfully.  I have since been going about setting up various shows we want to record and it looks like this will be very nice.

Overall I am happy with everything that I purchased.  I would recommend the 1TB MyBook Essential as a very cheap option for a large amount of (at least as of yet) reliable storage.  The Westinghouse 22" is an absolutely gorgeous screen.  I am probably the most happy with this purchase of everything I got.  For $250 it is a great unit.  The xb3000 expansion base has been useful, and it makes my desk look a lot more organized.  I have enjoyed it and I really believe that it will make me more likely to actually pick up my laptop and take it places as it is now a single cord to unplug that is easy to set up again once I get home.  Plus, I now have an extra power cord if my initial one ever goes bad.  And, finally, I am extremely happy with the tv tuner as it really combines the functionality of all of the new purchases.  We will see how well it keeps schedules and how much we will use the functionality provided.  Will I get even more addicted to t.v. now?  Who knows….

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