Well, I recently received and accepted an offer for a new job.  I will be working in data warehousing using SSIS for a major insurance company (again).  This time, however, it appears that I will be part of a team of developers for this project.  Furthermore, it looks like management here will be a bit more forward thinking when it comes to design methodologies and the willingness to try new things.  The catch is, the new job is up in Tallahassee. 

I was feeling good about the situation until I began to catch the gravity of my situation.  In short, we have a LOT of work to do for the house before we can think about selling it.  I won’t have much time left in town (I start 21 July 2008) and that time that I will have will be spent almost entirely on getting things in order.  The list of items which we need to accomplish is large and a bit overwhelming. 

The following is a list of just some of the items I can think of off hand:

Replace / Fix / Finish
 Door Casing Side and Back
 Cracked Tile in Family Room
 Frame for Dishwasher
 Frame for Cutting Board Cabinet
 Backsplash for kitchen counter
 Caulk Living Room Windows
Replace Trim
 Family Room

 Living Room
 Master Bedroom
 Computer Room (Should be redubbed "Second Guest Bedroom" as I have now moved all of my computer equipment out)
 Family Room
 Side Door
 Back Door
 All Trim

 Computer Room
 Master Bedroom
 Guest Bedroom

 Plant flowers near walk
 Lay down weed lining, fill in gravel for walkway
 Build Planter Boxes
 Trellis for Front Porch
 Move / destroy tree bench and / or stump in back yard that fell during hurricane

Have Garage Sale to clear out a HUGE pile of clutter which we have been gathering in the Living Room.

Install new stove (Just bought online last night)


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