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So, I would have to say that this was a strange decision for me.  Not that anyone looks at this page (I know, I follow the page views 🙂 ), but I am still a little leary of posting much of anything personal on the internet that can be easily associated with my name.  Within the last year or so I started to use my real name on a few message boards, but that was mainly becuase it had to do with professional activities.  So, putting up pictures for me is a bit of a 180.  However, we had a pretty good time out on the boat recently and my brother was able to get some fun pictures that I and most of my family really enjoyed.  So, up goes the old live spaces photo album.  It may be taken down again on a whim though, so if this is an archived post and you don’t see any pictures, just ignore these ramblings.
The pictures are from last weekend, which was the first weekend of the scallop season down here in Florida.  Everyone had a good time swimming around and playing in the water while actually coming home with something to eat.  It was a good break for me as I had been working on trying to get the house ready to sell for a few days straight (and every day since then as well, but who’s counting).  If you are at all interested, I have the task list of stuff that we have accomplished and that which we still have left written out in an excel spreadsheet on my skydrive’s public folder.  It may be a few days out of date, but I will try to keep a somewhat recent copy up.
So far, we have done a little painting, a little landscaping, a little cleaning, put in a new range, put in a new set of closet doors, and more.  I don’t know that I would say that it is fun, but it is not nearly as bad as I would have thought.  But then, we are only about a fourth of the way through the list so far, so it might get worse as we feel more pressed for time.  More on this later…
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