Real Estate

As a note to the posts from a little while ago, we have finished most of the giant list of things to do for the house.  As a result, it went up this weekend (Or maybe today? I don’t know).  We are asking $144,900… I think if we wanted to we could probably ask for a bit more, but we are trying to turn this around pretty quick so that my wife and I don’t have to be separated for that long.  Here is a link to an online ad: .  And for historical purposes in case the add comes down, here are some of the pictures:

A picture of the outside of the house…


Some pictures of the living room:

LivingRoom1 LivingRoom2 LivingRoom3


Here is one off of the living room into the den / office area:


Then some of the kitchen:

Kitchen1 Kitchen2 Kitchen3

Kitchen4 Kitchen5

And here are the guest rooms:

GuestRoom SecondGuestRoom

The guest bath:


And finally, the master and bath:

MasterBedroom MasterBath


Missing is a picture of the great room, which I’m sure was full of junk and doesn’t look that great but does add a LOT of square footage to the house and has been my D&D room, computer room, family room and many other roles over the past few years.  It seems like we change that room around the most as it is pretty versatile.  Oh well… It was an addition and is not the draw of the house I guess.  Also missing is any picture of the porch or back yard… This is also not too surprising as they probably need some work.  All in all I would say that the house now is in better shape than it has been in since we moved in, and probably better shape than it was then.  I would have to say that it is nicer than most of the stuff we looked at this weekend.  Speaking of…

We went looking around at houses in Tallahassee this past weekend and were a little surprised.  All of the houses that my wife had previously found that looked so nice ended up being a little less so than anticipated.  Well, take that back.  They are pretty good houses, but in the new style neighborhoods which have the houses being about five feet from each other with no landscaping, little yard and cookie-cutter style… ick.  Also, most of them look really worn for their age which would lead me to suspect that they were made as cheap as possible.  Very questionable.  We did find a few that looked ok and will probably be taking a closer look this next weekend.  If nothing else this past weekend allowed both of us to really start to get to know Tallahassee and the surrounding environments a bit.  It was nice to be able to stay in town and not have to drive back to Gainesville this weekend, although I know that it meant that my wife had to do so…

Hopefully we will find something nice and be able to sell our old place quickly.

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