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BIDS Helper

Just a very quick note that the next version of BIDS Helper, the absolutely brilliant – and award winning – add-on to the Microsoft BI development studios, has released.  Find it here: BIDS Helper.

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman

This was a book that I listened to as one of my first purchases from audible.  It was recommended multiple times on the TWIT (This week in tech) network as well as Cranky Geeks.  For me, it followed right on … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #10

Just a quick note that I will be doing a presentation (SSIS: Configurations, Expressions and Constraints) at the SQL Saturday #10 in Tampa, FL on January 24th 2009.  If you’d like to meet up and either catch lunch or dinner … Continue reading

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Game Table Online

After playing board games in lieu of our usual D&D night last Tuesday, I was considering writing a review on the game "Battle Cry!" by Avalon hill.  While doing a bit of research I stumbled across the Game Table Online … Continue reading

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