SQL Saturday #10

Just a quick note that I will be doing a presentation (SSIS: Configurations, Expressions and Constraints) at the SQL Saturday #10 in Tampa, FL on January 24th 2009.  If you’d like to meet up and either catch lunch or dinner let me know…

As an aside, at this point I plan on attending the following other presentations:


Either CLR within SQL Server 2008 (Arie Jones) or

Unconventional ETL Using SSIS Scripting (Tim Mitchell) or

Introduction to SSAS (Brian Knight)


SSIS: Configurations, Expression and Constraints (My Session)


SQL Server Statistics (Andy Warren)


Understanding Indexes for Single-Table Queries (Jeffery Garbus) or

Make Reporting Services Work For You (Jessica Moss)


Using RSS for System Administration


Test Data Generation Practices (Ryan Dorrell)


Unfortunately, I have the same time slot as Jonathan Kehayias’ Automating Common DBA Jobs with SQL Agent which looks fun.  And I’d love to see what is in store for the future of SQL in Jean-Claude Armand’s SQL Server Roadmap 2008 and beyond. 

As for the rest…

For the 8:30 slot, I would like to learn some more about CLRs, I’m always up for any session to do with SSIS, and I want to get one of my Microsoft BI Certificates so need to brush up on SSAS. 

I have yet to sit in on one of Andy’s sessions and figure that learning about SQL Server Stats is right up my league.

At 1:30 it is either learning more about indexes, which I need, or spending time in Jessica Moss’ Presentation on Reporting Services.  She was a pretty good speaker at the PASS Conference I went to in November so I wouldn’t mind sitting in on another of her sessions… And I need SSRS for the BI Certificate as well… 

Using the RSS Feeds to automate morning ritual dba grunt work sounds like an absolute dream to me.

And, finally, I’m not real sure what to do about the four o’clock hour.  I suppose I will go to the test data generation since that is a topic dear to my heart…. even though we do not run the data dude edition.  I don’t know… Perhaps I’ll instead sit in on the second half of the SSIS Framework and see if Rushabh is doing anything different from his PASS presentation…

As an aside, I would heartily recommend both the SSIS Framework and SQL FAQ presentations.  I have sat through them before and can attest that they were well worth the price of admission.

Hope to see you there.

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