Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

Just finished another of my Audible collection.  This time it is another Tom Robbins book, Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. 

It is hard to really rate this book.  I enjoyed the vivid imagery of the book, even though, at times, it might have been "too damn vivid".  Once again Robbins rants on just about everything under the sun in this novel, include the topics of the CIA, art-girls, religion, politics, pedophilia, Loveable Nuns, The Pope, Finnegan’s Wake, sex, drugs, rock and roll and Broadway show tunes.  Most of these are interesting and humorous insights into the way the world works.  There are a few that seem to be quite sick… But, it is probable that Robbins was trying to illicit such a response and so I will attempt to write off any such horrid character flaws to just that, a flaw in the character presenting the story and not to the author himself.

If you have yet to read a Robbins book I would direct you to Jitterbug Perfume first.  If you have embarked down the ludicrous path of Robbins before I would suggest this as something both unique and similar to what you have experienced before.  It is one of my favorites from his collection.

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