SQL Saturday #15 – Jacksonville, FL 02 May 2009

I will be presenting two sessions at the upcoming SQL Saturday on May 2, 2009 in Jacksonville FL.

SSIS – Beginner’s Walkthrough
9:00 AM

session will step the attendees through the basics of SSIS by setting
up a sample solution to import data from a variety of sources. We will
look at some of the more common control flow tasks as well as the
various components of the data flow task. The sample solution created
will be based, at least in part, on questions from the audience.

SSIS – A Beginning Framework

Most developers would agree that every SSIS solution will have the same
fundamental outline. A basic framework will expedite the process by
handling the common tasks between the systems while allowing the
developer to concentrate on the task at hand. This framework will
consist of many items, including but not limited to setting up package
configurations, logging, audit trails, error handling, naming
standards, etc. This session will present an example framework which
can be used as the basis for future SSIS Package development.

I have recently done a talk similar to the beginning framework at work and it went OK.  I think that I learned a few things from that which will help me in my presentation for the conference.  I should get some notes out on my audit subsystem, framework variables, etc out in the next few weeks as blog entries for anyone who is interested.

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2 Responses to SQL Saturday #15 – Jacksonville, FL 02 May 2009

  1. Unknown says:

    Eric, will you be attending the mixer afterward? I hope to see you in Jacksonville.Kent Waldrop

  2. Eric says:

    I hope so. I have to figure out the logistics with my wife. We haven\’t decided whether we\’re both going for the weekend or if it will be me driving there and back Saturday morning and evening. In other words, is it worth it to rent a hotel for an evening or two. If I am just driving both ways on Saturday, I will probably only go to the mixer for a few minutes.Look forward to seeing you there Kent!

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