More SQL Saturdays

I have just found out that I will be speaking at the SQL Saturday #14 in Pensacola on June 6, 2009.  I will be doing my SSIS: Expressions, Configurations and Constraints presentation.

As a quick aside, here is the run down of the next two SQL Saturdays I will be attending and what sessions I will try to catch (or speak at).


09:00 AM

SSIS – Beginner’s Walkthrough (ME)

10:15 AM

SQL Server 2008 Fast Track Data Warehouse (Jean-Claude
Armand) OR Performance Tuning and Query Optimization (Plamen Ratchev)

12:00 PM

SSIS – A beginning framework (ME)

01:15 PM

SSIS – SQL Server Information (Michael Flora) OR Using Sql to Generate Sql (Jonathon Moorman) 

02:30 PM

Tips & Tricks for dynamic reporting services reporting
(Pam Shaw)

03:45 PM

RESTful Data (Chris Eargle) 



09:00 AM

Advanced SQL Querying Techniques (Plamen Ratchev) 

10:15 AM 

Unconventional ETL Using SSIS Scripting (Tim Mitchell) 

11:30 AM

The Modern Resume: Building Your Brand (Steve Jones) 

01:30 PM

It’s All About the Tools – TV Show Episode 3 (Russell

02:45 PM

Creating Dashboards with Performance Point 2 (Jessica
Moss) OR Near Real-Time Data Warehouse – No Third Party Tools
(Patrick Leblanc)

04:00 PM

SSIS Configurations, Expressions and Constraints (ME)

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