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Small Tip for Impact Analysis

I’ll confess, our shop is not the most organized in the world.  We are still working on certain items that I would hope most shops have long ago put in place as part of their standard development cycle.  Items such … Continue reading

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SSMS: Results to Grid – With Headers

So, this sounds like a small thing; and it really is.  But how many times have you fought with the output of a query and tried to dump it into excel, but not gotten the headers?  Or, how many times … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #14, Pensacola FL

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of participating in another SQL Saturday event.  This time in Pensacola FL.  Fortunately for me, my wife was able to make the trip and we were able to stay in a hotel … Continue reading

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Finishing a Project

Just like to take a minute or two to throw out a post on how good it feels to finish up a fairly large project.  Although the project was nothing earth shattering, it only took about three months, it was … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten through quite a few books in the past few months without posting anything here.  I guess I have been bad about posting items on books, movies, role-playing, social stuff for the same reasons why I haven’t been posting … Continue reading

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Another SQL Saturday Post

OK, ok… so I have no defense about not posting in the past month or so.  Well, I have a few excuses, but they are the normal ones you hear from everyone, i.e. I have been working on a big … Continue reading

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