70-433 Certification

Well, I’ve spent quite a few hours over the last several weeks trying to study up for the 70-433 database development microsoft certification exam.  I finally committed to taking it Thursday.  Now, I just have to cram for the next few evenings and see how I do.

I am using the Microsoft Press training kit and the sample exams that come with them.  I feel like a large portion of the material is review.  But then, I’ve read through the 2005 T-SQL Querying and Programming books by Itzik Ben Gan and it seems like these two books covered most of the information that the kit does in a lot more detail. 

Last night I took the first exam from the kit in "study" mode and would have done horribly.  Tonight, I took another in certification mode and barely passed.  Here’s hoping a few more nights of selective studying will see me through.  It’s kind of funny how it seems like the portions of the test that will be covered that are somewhat new to me (XML, CLR, Service Broker, some of the DMVs etc) make up a fair percentage of the test.  Oh well, I guess they can’t all be questions on querying relational data 😛

By the by, the prometric site used to register for the certification gave me fits all weekend.  A truly awful experience… Perhaps it was just a glitch.  I guess I’ll see if / when I try for the next exam.

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