SQL Saturday #21 – Orlando, FL

Well, this is going to be the second SQL Saturday in Orlando (October 17, 2009) which I have had a speaking engagement.  The conference last year was the first time I had the chance to do a presentation in a non-work or school related function.  I had a blast then and am looking forward to having a good time again this year.

This time around, I’m going to be doing a two part presentation on SSIS – A Beginning Framework.  This should be similar to the presentation which I did in Jacksonville in May.  This time around I’ll have double the time so I should be able to have time to go through a few demos and describe the Meta Database as well as some of the stored procedures, etc to help with the framework.

As for the rest of the day… Here is a list of sessions that I plan on trying to make (at least, this is the list this week… I always change my mind on the day of):

  1. Kevin Boles – SANs and SQL Server
  2. Jorge Segarra – Policy  Based Management
  3. Jonathan Kehayais – Auditing User Activity 101
  4. John O’Shea – Encrypting SSIS Connection Strings (MINI)
  5. Kevin Kline – End to End Troubleshooting
  6. Eric Wisdahl – SSIS – A Beginners Framework I
  7. Eric Wisdahl – SSIS – A Beginners Framework II
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