Going to PASS

I just found out that I will be able to go to the PASS Conference again this year.  I’m really psyched as this was one of my favorite trips from the last few years.  Like last year, I’m going to spend some extra time after the conference visiting friends and family in and around the northwest for about a week after the conference.  So, if you will be in the Seattle area the first week in November and feel like meeting up, drop me a line.

On other conference notes…. Don’t forget about the SQL Saturday in Orlando on October 17.  I should be in town early enough Friday evening for the speaker meet-up.  I’ll also stick around after the conference long enough to at least make an appearance at the mixer after the conference.

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2 Responses to Going to PASS

  1. Sanju says:

    Eric,This is sandeep ..Yesterday I cudn\’t attend your seminar on Sqlsaturday 09 , Orlando …I met you after seminar in the dinner place ..As i am enagaed in the another seminar ….i missed the chance to attend your seminarSo, Can you plz email me the power point slides/material/code of the seminar of Begining frame work of ssis1 and 2my email id is vats251@gmail.comMy heartfelt thanks for your efforts to the Sql community!!ThanksSandeep.

  2. Eric says:

    I need to set this up to email me when I get comments :-PSandeep, the PDFs are available at the SQL Saturday website. I will be providing a tutorial through some blog posts in the near future. As I put these up there will be packages, sql scripts, etc available on the public or SSIS Packages folder(s) of my skydrive.Hope this helps.

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