2010 Goals

Looking back at 2009 I feel as though I was able to accomplish a fair amount.  However, I didn’t really set out all that terribly many (professional) goals for myself in a public space.  About the only one that I can think of, I failed to accomplish – to become certified in all three of the MCTS SQL Server Certifications.  As it was, I was able to pass both the Database Development and Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance certifications.  I have just finished reading the Implementation and Maintenance book and it will take me at least a few weeks to go back through the material and study up for the exam.  I don’t feel that upset about not making all three certifications as I had a lot of unplanned for items that required my attention in the past few months.  As such, I will set out the following goals for this year:

  1. Present at three or more professional events (User Group, SQL Saturday, SQL Lunch, etc)
  2. Have at least 30 technical blog posts (not counting conference or book reviews)
  3. Achieve the MCTS in the SQL 2008 Implementation and Maintenance
  4. Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Database Developer
  5. Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Business Intelligence Developer
  6. Read at least 6 Technical Books (SQL 2008 Internals, Mastering SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server Execution Plans, etc)
  7. Continue to Participate in the MSDN SQL Forums as both a Moderator and Answerer on a regular basis
  8. Publish a Technical Article

I don’t know if that is to much to ask.  I know that it seems very small in comparison to a number of the other 2010 goals lists which I have seen over the past few weeks.  If I seem to breeze through the majority of the list I will probably add more mid year, but somehow I don’t think that that will happen.

Here’s hoping 2010 is a good year for all.

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