Goals Update and Plans

Since this is very near the mid-point of the year, I think it is a good time to review some of my stated goals.  I am glad to state that I am well on my way to meeting a few of them.  Unfortunately, I am not well on the way to meeting a few of the others. 

  1. Present at three or more professional events (User Group, SQL Saturday, SQL Lunch, etc)
    • I’m glad to state that I have already met this goal.  I presented sessions at the SQL Saturday for Tampa (January), Jacksonville (May) and Pensacola (June).  That isn’t to say that I won’t be doing any more presentations this year.  I plan on doing at least one more SQL Saturday (Orlando) and an SQL Lunch for Patrick  LeBlanc, and hopefully… just maybe… I’ll be able to do a presentation at the PASS Summit (I’ll find out about that in about a week).
  2. Have at least 30 technical blog posts (not counting conference or book reviews)
    • Doing pretty terrible on this goal.  I need to step it up and take some responsibility.  Time to get into a few post sequences to knock this one out 🙂
  3. Achieve the MCTS in the SQL 2008 Implementation and Maintenance
    • I passed this exam earlier this year, so… goal complete.
  4. Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Database Developer
    • This is the goal I plan on working on next… See the next paragraph.
  5. Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Business Intelligence Developer
    • I’ll attempt to achieve this sometime after I get through the Database Developer Certification.
  6. Read at least 6 Technical Books (SQL 2008 Internals, Mastering SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server Execution Plans, etc)
    • Not quite complete, but also not doing to bad.  I have read four books to date this year: Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans (G. Fritchey), Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition (G. Simsion), SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled (G. Fritchey) and Data Quality: The Field Guide (T. Redman). 
  7. Continue to Participate in the MSDN SQL Forums as both a Moderator and Answerer on a regular basis
    • I have definitely fallen off of the wagon a bit here.  Not to say that I haven’t kept up at all, but I haven’t been nearly as active.  I feel like I need to start to chime in more often on the forums… However, I have picked up a few other time sinks in the past few months where I will often at least talk about SQL or Events (Facebook and Twitter).  Not to say that these at all equal out, I know that I was much more productive and helpful when answering questions on the forums and will do my best to return to doing so at a more regular pace.
  8. Publish a Technical Article
    • I’m most surprised at this goal.  I didn’t know where it was that I would start to go about publishing an article.  As it is, someone approached me.  And, although this certainly isn’t a done deal at this point, I at least have a lead into doing so.

Overall, not too bad for being halfway through the year. 

As I look ahead to what I want to do next, I am struggling a bit with myself as to what to read next or where to concentrate my studies.  I am a bit torn as to reading more on data quality (I just picked up two Larry English texts that look very promising), SQL Server (I still desperately need to read the latest Internals book, as well as wanting to read Brad McGehee’s latest book on Maintenance Plans and Rodney Landrum’s SQL Toolbox book, among others), SSIS (I have the SSIS: Problem Design Solution book) or Data Modeling (I have Simsions latest on Data Modeling Theory and Practice).  However, for now I think that I will attempt to pass the Database Developer MCITP certification.  While it might seem a bit odd that a B.I. guy would be going for this cert over the B.I. cert first,  I think that the same logic that applied for passing the MCTS certifications applies here.  I feel like I know the material better for the database developer cert.  I don’t often work with reporting services or analysis services.  I realize that I will want to catch up with these skills, and shortly, if I would like to advance my career anywhere beyond my current employer (we use cognos for reporting and cubes).  In any case, I plan to try to post tips and tricks for items that I am looking through as they relate to my studies for this exam.  Hopefully someone besides myself will find them useful.

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