2010–Goals Review

Where'd I put that list anyways?I suppose that there is a reason that I have never posted goals in a public place before last year.  It seems like there is a lot of pressure to follow through and complete those goals.  Well, there would be if people actually read along and called me on it!  As is, I may not have completed all of my goals but I still don’t feel that this year was bad for me in terms of what I have learned and how I have contributed to the community. 

Goal 1 – Present at three or more professional events (User Group, SQL Saturday, SQL Lunch, etc) 

I’m happy to say I completed this goal.  Of course, I completed it by the time I wrote the mid-year review so I don’t know how thrilled I should be.  But, I must say, the events are always fun and I enjoy speaking at them.

    1. 23 January 2010 – SQL Saturday #32 in Tampa, FL
      1. SSIS – A Beginning Framework
      2. Iron Chef Competition: Loading a Data Warehouse (I was one of the “Judges”)
    2. 8 May 2010 – SQL Saturday #38 in Jacksonville, FL
      1. SSIS Configurations, Expressions and Constraints
      2. An Introductory Look at Execution Plans
    3. 5 June 2010 – SQL Saturday #22 in Pensacola, FL
      1. SSIS 2008 – Profiling Your Data
    4. 15 October 2010 – SQL Saturday #49 in Orlando, FL
      1. SSIS – Data Flow Buffer Breakdown
      2. SSIS Configurations Expressions and Constraints
    5. 17 November 2010 – JSSUG
      1. Introduction to Backup and Recovery (I did about half of the presentation since Scott was tired).

Goal 2 – Have at least 30 technical blog posts (not counting conference or book reviews)

I have met the number of posts I was aiming for, but about half of them were non-technical.  I don’t know if this is a success or failure, but I have certainly blogged more this year than before.  Along the way I also moved the site to wordpress and now fondly gaze at the (smallish) number of people who stop by to view it.  I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Goal 3 – Achieve the MCTS in the SQL 2008 Implementation and Maintenance

Completed it and now I have a job where I actually use this skill set.  Oh the joys of learning.

Goal 4 – Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Database Developer

Well, if you’ve been following along you know that I’m still studying for this one (See the 70-451 MCITP Tag).  I was absolutely shocked to look back at my posts over the year and realize how long ago it was that I started studying for this exam (It was back in June!).  I’m sure that if I weren’t taking the time to write the posts I would have been done some time ago.  I’m also sure that I wouldn’t know the material nearly as well as I will after having studied in this fashion.

Goal 5 – Achieve the MCITP in SQL 2008 Business Intelligence Developer

I have no clue when I will attempt this… If I stay in my current position I can’t say how inclined I will be to pursue it.  I still might just to keep on top of SSAS and SSRS, but we’ll have to see how things go.  Sometimes goals change ::shrug::

Goal 6 – Read at least 6 Technical Books

I just met goal head on, although I’m in the middle of a few really good books now (Hello SQL Server 2008 Internals!).  Also, I feel as though I have done quite a bit more because I have been watching the MCM Videos as well as reading.

  1. Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans (Grant Fritchey)
  2. Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition (Graeme Simsion)
  3. SQL Server 2008 Query Tuning Distilled (Grant Fritchey and Sajal Dam)
  4. Data Quality: The Field Guide (Thomas Redman)
  5. SQL Server Tacklebox Essential tools and scripts for the day-to-day DBA (Rodney Landrum)
  6. Agile Project Management with Scrum (Ken Schwaber)

Goal 7 – Continue to Participate in the MSDN SQL Forums as both a Moderator and Answerer on a regular basis

I dropped off significantly on this goal.  However, I still did enough to be awarded with the Microsoft Community Contributor award for 2011, so I must have been doing something right.  I still enjoy the forums and I still enjoy following along on twitter so I’m sure that I’ll keep up with this in the future.

Goal 8 – Publish a Technical Article

I had my chance and I should have taken it.  But, as things turn out I had decided to concentrate on doing a technical review of a book.  Now I haven’t heard anything back about it in several months and am beginning to think that it might not happen, or, if it is still happening that my assistance may no longer be required.  We’ll see.

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