2011 Goals

These goals are not in any particular order. There is no priority. I’ll be keeping logs of some of these items and may or may not publish them at the end of the year (or even quarterly).

Goal 1 – Exercise

Exercise on average 3 times a week for at least a half hour. Since I enjoyed it so much last year, I’d like to average at least one hike a month.

Goal 2 – Read Novels

I’d like to read a minimum of fifteen novels this year. This should be pretty easy since when I read I tend to go through novels pretty quickly. The only thing is that I will often get away from reading and not read a novel for several months at a time. I just have to remind myself how much I enjoy it (since I do).

As an aside, I use good reads to keep track of what I have read. I really like the site as I enjoy keeping track of when I read things, how much I liked them at the time, etc.

Goal 3 – Save Money

Preferably, I’d like to put 6 months to 1 year’s worth of living expenses in the savings account. I don’t know how feasible this is so in reality I will attempt to save at least 3 months living expenses this year and continue beyond that next year to build up. Of course, this means figuring out what our budget actually is from month to month (I haven’t since we moved and the income and expenses have changed).

Goal 4 – Training

I think reading six tech books is a pretty good number and will attempt to stick with it again this year. I’m currently about 1/3 of the way through the SQL Server 2008 Internals book. I’ve also read a few chapters from the new “The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team-based Development”.

I’d also like to finish watching the MCM videos. So far I’ve watched 13 of the 38 modules available. I’d like to watch the others that are available and any others that come out. I don’t expect to get the MCM certification, but I think that these videos have some extremely good information from some great instructors.

Finally I’d like to finish my blog post series on the 70-451 MCITP exam and pass it. So far I’ve posted 16 of the 30 bullet point sections. I’m hoping to get to the other 14 by the end of the first quarter, if not sooner.

Goal 5 – Community Involvement

I enjoy speaking at conferences and will attempt to continue this activity this year (I’m scheduled for Tampa in a few weeks). I’ll certainly try to make it to as many user group meetings as possible.

I’d also like to continue with my community involvement through other venues such as blogs, forum posts, twitter, etc. I don’t know exactly what the best “goal” is for this as I can’t think of a particular number for some of the things I’d like to hit. Perhaps thirty blog posts (2.5 per month), two hundred responses on the forums and a few conferences? I’m just not sure. Maybe a better gauge would be hours spent?

For my own records , currently on the msdn forums I have the following – Current Posts: 1534; Current Answers: 553; Current Points: 8821;

Goal 6 – Don’t Overdue It

I need to be cognizant of time spent on activities and try to not let any of them get out of hand. In other words, don’t study too much, don’t play games too much, don’t exercise too much (HA!), don’t spend too many hours watching sports, etc. Last year I burned out on some things like blogging, studying and training for a few months and I’d like to avoid doing so again. 

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