Un-SQL Friday #02–Tech Giants!


The request for the next round of UnSQL Friday has been issued and the topic is as follows:

“Read this blog, and then write whatever you want about Tech Giants. Be sure to mention in your blog that you’re writing for Un-SQL Friday, and link to this post. Oh, and have it up any time before the weekend (Saturday Jan 22) hits, mmkay?”

With the main quote from the blog post being the following:

Attn authors, MVPs, & bloggers: Who are the IT giants you talk to/read that make you feel like a technical poser? No fair saying “everyone”. (And we may as well rule out @PaulRandal, he’s a given.)

So, I am very emotional about the topic at hand.  I am constantly fighting between being star struck and knowing that other members of the SQL Community whom I admire are just normal people.  I have spent the last several years poring over blogs, reading books, watching videos, attending conferences, answering forum and twitter questions and all manner of other things to become involved in the community and to boost my technical acumen.  During this time I have absolutely felt like such a technical poser nearly every time I meet one of the people whom I highly respect.  Hell, I still feel like a bit of a poser during my day to day job at times even though I know that I have the required technical skills.

The problem with our community, and it is a good problem to have, is that every time I turn around there is another person whom I want to follow on twitter, who’s blog I want to subscribe to, and whom I want to make sure that I introduce myself to at the next conference we both attend.  There are just so many great people active in the community now that it is hard to keep track of everyone.  For instance, while thinking about this post I opened up my google reader and realized that I wasn’t following at least a half a dozen people whom I knew were writing good blogs.  And, when I went to the various sites to track the rss feeds down to rectify that situation I stumbled across another half dozen that were subsequently added to the feeds as well.

Something that really needs to be said, and I’ll say it again and again, is that the “Tech Giants” and others whom I have met in the community that I really admire have all been really great people.  They are infinitely approachable and more than willing to sit down, grab a drink and talk shop.  Or to just listen to you extol their virtues and accomplishments (ok, not everyone handles this quite as well). 

As to the actual “Tech Giants” that make me feel a bit sheepish around?  At this point I try not to let that happen.  Let me just say that I fail.  But, rather than gush about certain people online, which is already all too likely to happen with this meme, I will simply throw out some names from the ole’ google reader and / or people I follow on twitter (and I know that I am forgetting people here and will kick myself later).  These aren’t necessarily people whom I consider “Tech Giants”, but they are people whose opinions or input I trust and who are (or were in some cases) active enough in the community to have caught my interest.  If you are on the list below know that I really appreciate your efforts for the community.  Thank you!

Aaron Bertrand, Aaron Nelson, Adam Machanic, Adam Jorgensen, Allen White, Andy Leonard, Andy Warren, Arnie Rowland, Bill Ramos, Bob Beauchemin, Bob Bojanic, Bob Ward, Brad McGehee, Brent Ozar, Brian Knight, Brian Larson, Brian McDonald, Buck Woody, Cindy Gross, David Dye, David Noor, David Taylor, Denny Cherry, Denny Lee, Devin Knight, Donald Farmer, Duane Douglas, Erik Veerman, Gail Shaw, Gareth Swanepole, Glenn Berry, Grant Fritchey, Itzik Ben-Gan, Jack Corbett, Jamie Thomson, Jen McCown, Jes Borland, Jessica Moss, Joe Webb, John Welch, Jonathan Kehayias, Jorge Seggara, Jose Chinchilla, Josef Richberg, Julie Smith, Kalen Delaney, Kathi Kellenberger, Kendra Little, Kent Waldrop, Kevin Boles, Kimberly Tripp, Louis Davidson, Matthew Roche, Matt Masson, Mike Davis, Patrick LeBlanc, Paul Randal, Phil Brammer, Pinal Dave, Plamen Ratchev, Rafael Salas, Robert Davis, Rodney Landrum, Scott Gleason, Sean McCown, Shawn McGehee, Stefan Bauer, Steve Jones, Stacia Misner, Sudeep Raj, Ted Krueger, Ted Malone, Tim Mitchell, Todd McDermid, Tod McKenna, Thomas LaRock, Tony Davis, Troy Gallant, William Assaf

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6 Responses to Un-SQL Friday #02–Tech Giants!

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  2. Julie Smith says:

    I’m on your blog looking for info on the data profiling task from someone I trust and found this. Thanks Eric! You are on my list as well.

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  4. Claire says:

    Ha, I battle with the “omg, you’re sooo knowledgeable and famous and cool and heralded and have 1293059784 twitter followers and I don’t dare do more than lurk on your blog” thing too! And you’re so right–once you reach out, these itechnorati are nothing but welcoming and down-to-earth. Great list!

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