Book Reviews and Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition

Thoughts on Book Reviews

A few years ago I attempted to put down my thoughts on the various books which I was reading.  I did this for anything and everything which I was reading.  Then I found a few different book sites (GoodReads) that seemed like a more appropriate place for my reviews, and I also decided that I should maybe attempt to keep a more technical focus in the space.  However, I think that with as often as I recommend various books to people, particularly of the technical variety, I will begin publishing the reviews in this space again.  As such, I’ll be putting up some of my thoughts on the books that I have read in the past few years as well as on the books which I am reading currently (right now, Performance Tuning SQL Server with DMVs).  Hopefully these reviews will be helpful to someone.

Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition by Graeme Simsion and Graham Witt

For me, Data Modeling Essentials was a good book to reinforce what I knew, as well as to try to pick up some key insights that might have escaped me. It covered the majority of database design concepts which I have picked up over the last few years of practical experience in one volume. I would recommend this as a really good place to start out if you are looking for an in depth explanation of the subject and are just learning to deal with database design, or if you are starting out with system application design and need to understand how it integrates with the underlying databases.

Note: I read this book from February – April of 2010.  I had already had a pretty solid understanding of data modeling, but had not taken any formal training on the subject.  The only other book which I had read was Data Modeling Made Simple by Steve Hoberman which was much more of an introductory text (and a very good one for that area).

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