Data Quality: The Field Guide

Data Quality: The Field Guide by Thomas Redman

I started Data Quality: The Field Guide after seeing it mentioned in a few other texts which I have read on the subject of Data Quality. I have become more and more interested in this subject over the past few years and was hoping to find another great book that I could learn from and potentially share as an introduction level text to others who might also be interested in this area. Data Quality: The Field Guide attempts to reach out in quick hit chapters and focus in on and explain a single topic. Although the single topic per chapter sounds like a good way of working through the various topics, there seems to be something lacking. It is as if each topic is discussed at a bit to high of a level and in to generic of terms to find actionable items to follow. The background information is good, and there were a lot of really good points and useful explanations, but the information might not be enough in and of itself to allow the user to put together a plan for identifying and enacting improvements in data quality. Perhaps the text hasn’t aged particularly well (it was written in 2000), or perhaps I was expecting something other than what was delivered, either way I don’t know that this is the right introductory book for someone looking to break into the subject.

NOTE: I read this in June of 2010 and have read a few other texts on Data Quality.  It is a subject which I feel very strongly about but have had very little traction in generating interest in the organizations for which I have worked.  I still have about three more books on the subject that I will be reading sometime in the future.

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