Upcoming Events

Just a quick blog update to let everyone know about some of the upcoming technical events I have planned for the next month or two. 

April Jacksonville SQL Server User Group

I’ll be presenting An Introduction to Log Shipping at the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG) 20 April 2011 at 6:00 PM.  This will be an introductory level presentation showing how to set up log shipping with the GUI and T-SQL.  We will discuss the various participants of log shipping, the steps involved and touch on performance and monitoring.  We will also discuss where log shipping can be used and a bit about where it probably shouldn’t be used.  Finally, I’ll try to have a few demonstrations showing how to set it all up, how to break it, and how to fix it when it’s broken.

SQL Saturday #74 Jacksonville FL

I’ll be presenting something at SQL Saturday #74 in Jacksonville, FL on 30 April 2011.  I’ve submitted two topics for the event, SSIS Data Flow Buffer Breakdown and Performance Tuning with Execution Plans.  This will be the first time I’ve actually been to a SQL Saturday in the city in which I live.  I’m super psyched about the great event we’ll be able to put on… And I don’t even have to travel the night before!

SSIS Data Flow Buffer Breakdown

An intermediate session which will attempt to break down areas of the data flow buffer. In examining how the buffers are built and used, the user will begin to understand if, how and why package performance will be impacted when new transformations or columns are added. The session will further take a look at the effects of parallel package and parallel task execution.

Performance Tuning with Execution Plans

In this session we will look at examining execution plans as a method for performance tuning. With the execution plan we can see the exact type of operation performed, and, more than that, we can look at the differences in what the optimizer thought the query would cost vs what it actually cost to perform the query. By examining the plans we have a road map for determining what type of improvements we should be striving for in order to make the particular statement more optimal.

SQL Rally

I’ll be attending SQL Rally in Orlando FL on 11 May 2011 – 13 May 2011.  I’ve signed up for the Leadership and Team Management Skills for the Database Professional pre-con session presented by Kevin Kline.  This will be a relatively rare event for me since I won’t be presenting.  This ought to be fun since I’ll be going down to Orlando for my birthday the night before (May 10).  The event looks pretty awesome and I’m really looking forward to it. 

SQL Saturday #77

I have really enjoyed going to Pensacola the past few years for the SQL Saturday events.  I’ve met some great people whom I now count as friends and I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere and the surroundings.  So, this year I’ll be making the trip back, even though it is a bit further than I’d really like to drive for one of these events (since I moved to Jacksonville) for SQL Saturday #77 on 4 June 2011.  I’ve submitted the two sessions listed above for this event as well. 

If anyone is attending any of these events and want to meet up just leave me a comment, shout out on twitter or get ahold of me through other means if you know them.

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