The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team-based Development

imageThis was one of the first tech-books which I have read entirely in electronic format.   This is slightly odd considering the number of Simple Talk publishing books that I have now read.  Like the others in the simple talk publishing series, this book does not disappoint.  And, best of all, like most of the others, this book is available as a free e-book.  Now, onto the somewhat short-ish review:

The tone of this book changed from chapter to chapter and it was readily apparent that there were multiple authors. That in itself wouldn’t be too bad, but some of the chapters just seemed a little weak to me.  Luckily, those chapters which I liked, I have found to be extremely helpful.  I particularly liked the chapters on source control, deployment automation, and testing.  All of these have led to actionable changes towards which I have been guiding our shop in the past few months.  In addition, the ideas behind the chapter on documenting your database were good, I just don’t know how much I liked the stated output or the tools that were used.  I’m sure it will work for many people, I’m probably just not familiar enough with the tools to feel comfortable enough to justify using them over things which feel more familiar.  Likewise, I’m sure that the chapter on Writing Readable SQL will work for many.  However, I would pull my hair out if I followed the suggestions given for formatting. 

With that said, I think it is important to be consistent.  And that is the main point for this book… to bring out the ideas that you should be thinking about, even if you don’t agree with the implementation ideas that are suggested.  Well worth the read for bringing attention to these topics.

I read this book in March 2011.

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