SQL Saturday #74 Jacksonville, FL

SSIS Data Flow Buffer Breakdown

I just wanted to once again try to get the word out about the SQL Saturday conference this weekend in Jacksonville, FL.  My Derby hat will be doing a presentation on SSIS Data Flow Buffer Breakdown at 1:30 PM in Room 1400.  I suppose I’ll be attached to it rather than attending one of the other great sessions during my timeslot.  Click here for the full schedule (picture below).


Other Plans

In addition to presenting I plan on attending Andy Warren’s Building a Professional Development Plan (I really wish Scott’s presentation were at a different time.  As is, I might bounce between the two).  I then plan on hitting John Welch’s Tuning Analysis Services Processing Performance.  Next, I’m looking forward to lunch.  The last few years it has been pizza and I expect it will be the same again… Have to remind myself not to get it at lunch on Friday.  After this I’m having a tough time deciding.  I’ll probably end up at Michael Antonovich’s Introduction to PowerPivot for Excel, but I’m also curious about the SSIS Programmatically and Kendal’s DR sessions.  Afterwards, my session should be fun and I hope to have at least a few attendees.  To finish out the afternoon I plan on heckling Devin Knight in his Introduction to MDX and then partaking in the hilarity known as Iron Chef.  And, of course, I plan on making it out to the after party and meeting up with as many people as possible.  Just a little friendly advice, you should make time for the after party.  It is usually my favorite part of these events and gives you a great chance to bounce ideas off of your peers, build your support network, and just kick back.  All in all, this ought to be a GREAT event!

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1 Response to SQL Saturday #74 Jacksonville, FL

  1. Troy Gallant says:

    My personal recommendation is completely blow off Eric’s presentation and head on over to room 1404 for a truly fascinating session on transactional replication. Forget that besides Mr. Wisdahl, there are other superb speakers such as Brian McDonald, Brandie Tarvin, Kevin Boles, & Adam Jorgensen also presenting at the same time! Meh…I’m sure they don’t have anything interesting to say at all.

    While of course I’m kidding, I’m kind of glad I’m speaking there as well at 1:30. Otherwise I’d have a heck of a time choosing on one of the six options. How sweet is it that we actually have that problem??

    Can’t wait till this weekend folks. See ya there…Troy

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