SQL Server Statistics

imageI picked the SQL Server Statistics book (pamplet?) by Holger Schmeling up at SQL Rally from the Red Gate booth and read through it the next weekend.  I feel lucky to have done so as apparently this one will probably not be available for sale in hard copy due to it’s size; the book is relatively short, weighing in at less than 100 pages.   From what I hear, the book was originally published as two separate articles on Simple Talk.  The first chapter (article) does a decent job of conveying the important information that you should know about and consider involving SQL Server Statistics.  The second covers several pitfalls and pain-points which one might encounter and how you might deal with them.  If you have already learned a fair amount about statistics from other sources I don’t know how high up this book needs to climb on the to do list.  However, if you haven’t yet delved into how statistics are created and maintained and what they mean to the optimizer, this one is a relatively quick read to pick up on lots of good information.

The link above is for the free e-book.  Read May 2011.

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