Upcoming Events

I’ve signed up for a few more SQL Saturdays and I’m very excited about both.  The first I will be speaking at is SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta, GA on 17 September 2011.  One of the reasons I’m excited about this one is that it is the first conference I will be speaking at outside of my home state of Florida.  I’ll be doing my SSIS Data Flow Buffer Breakdown presentation.  If you haven’t seen the schedule yet for this event, I’d recommend doing so now.  It is simply one of the best lineups I have seen for one of these events.  Heck, it’s probably better than most days at DevConnections / Pass Summit / Rally / etc.  Just the 10:15 Session alone should give you an idea: Adam Jorgensen, John Welch, Adam Machanic, Grant Fritchey, Kevin Kline, Louis Davidson, Nic Cain and Brian Moran.

The second event I have signed up for is SQL Saturday #85 in Orlando, FL on 24 September 2011.  This will be my fourth time speaking at the Orlando event.  This year the event is being put together by my friend Shawn McGehee and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’ll do with it.  So far, we’ve only received confirmation that we’ll be speaking, not the schedule or the sessions that were picked.  I’ll post more info when I have it.

I’m curious if the people involved in the events – be it the community, the sponsors or the speakers, are going to start to burn out on the events.  Looking at those who have submitted for Orlando this year, it looks like we’ll have a lot of great speakers, but that the pool is a little smaller than prior years.  Perhaps that has more to do with the fact that there are four (4!) events the weekend before and it just isn’t feasible for people to get away several weeks in a row than anything else.  In either case, I imagine that we will have a lot of fun and provide lots of great information for free once again.  I hope to see everyone there!

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