A Look Forward

This year I think that my goals will be focused a little differently, probably a little more on home life with some of the events I have planned for this year. Some of these will be boring as they will sound a lot like what I did last year. However, accomplishing the same thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing if what you are doing is enriching your life.  None of these goals will list things like playing games with my friends, getting better at pool for my nine ball league or other things although I guess I could list those.  Instead I’ll try to focus things on what I feel will be important to accomplish.  I feel like this list might be a little more ambitious than last years, but I’ll attempt to revisit it every quarter and readjust if other things come up or to tighten it down to what is really important if things are slipping.


  • I want to buy a house and ensure that I am able to be comfortable and happy there. I don’t want to put myself in debt so far that I won’t be able to spend money to help fix it up or to put too much pressure in other aspects of life.
  • I want to celebrate paying off my student loans. Paying off the loans isn’t really a goal as it will happen this summer one way or the other. But, it is a major milestone and one that I want to look back on.
  • I’d like to end the year with at least three months of expenses in savings

Exercise and Health

I would like to get into shape. I’m not 100% positive how I do this as it often seems that I fall of the wagon after awhile.  So, here are some things that I can actually measure.  The last one should ensure that I am at least reasonably in shape with the others helping me get there.

  • Run at least 200 miles.
  • Total at least 500 miles between running and walking.
  • Go on at least six hikes of ten or more miles
  • I would like to run a 5k in under 30 minutes (this doesn’t have to be an actual race, but if it is all the better).
  • I would like to be back in the “normal BMI” range, which according to the CDC BMI Calculation is somewhere between 140 and 144 to 189 and 194 (I’m between 6’1 and 6’2). I’ll shoot for 189 or lower. In reality I’d rather be sitting at 180.

Technical Learning

  • I’d like to read another six or more technical books.
    • I’d like to again make sure that I read at least fifteen non-technical books.
  • I’d like to attend at least three SQL Saturdays.
    • I would enjoy going to Pass Summit again; however, that probably won’t happen this year unless if I’m speaking.
  • I’d like to watch at least twenty six of the sessions from last years Pass Summit that I didn’t get to see while I am there (I just got the DVDs in a few days ago).
  • I’d like to get one more of the SQL 2008 MCITP certifications.  Right now I am leaning towards the 70-452 Certification. I’m theoretically getting back into the Business Intelligence role at work so going for this certification makes sense again.
  • SQL 2012 Certification: There are going to be at least seven tests for SQL 2012. I’m not certain how they will all work and what will qualify people as a Technical Specialist versus a Technical Professional or if they are even making that distinction any more. I believe that everyone will have to take the Querying Microsoft SQL Server certification. So, I would like to take at least this certification. In reality I would like to complete at least one other, but with the 70-452 I’m not sure how realistic that will or won’t be.

Technical Teaching

  • I would like to write up at least one new presentation.
  • I’d like to speak at three or more SQL Saturdays (I’m not sure which ones as those requiring out of town travel might get cut back some due to budget and time constraints).
  • I’d like to Speak at JSSUG again.
  • I’d like to write technical blog posts at least twice a month. I don’t want these to be book reviews. And, I’d like to keep these more regular instead of having a lot some months and not many others.

Community Involvement

This is another hard one to write up. I used to think of community involvement more as just helping people out. But, I think that my mind is changing on this one. It is just as important to me to attend the mixers at conferences and user group meetings, interact with peers online and all in all have good relationships with people who can help me out and whom I can help out in a pinch. However, I really think that the goals for community involvement will be hard to measure. These are more like your typical resolutions… So, I guess I have a resolution to continue to interact with people via twitter, G+, Google Hangouts, the Midnight DBA show, etc and feel like I have a connection with other members of the community.

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2 Responses to 2012–Goals

  1. Scott Gleason says:

    ■I’d like to Speak at JSSUG again. <- Done.

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