MCSE: Data Platform

So, on a much quicker note, since it was a much quicker test for me, I went and took the upgrade test to complete my MCSE: Data Platform certification. I did this after looking at the list of skills measured on both tests and coming to the conclusion that they were both really pretty similar and that I felt relatively confident for both of them. I was also somewhat trying to challenge myself to see if I could take the test with little to no studying. I did take about four hours the Saturday before to look over a few things on the list I wasn’t as confident about, but other than that held to the no studying.

The test was split into sections. Something I liked a fair amount were the sections based on case studies that would explain the situation and the requirements and then questions to go along with them. The thing I didn’t like was the reporting, which was based on the test that was associated and not the breakdowns for that test. Also, I’m not really certain that the scores were split up by test as both of mine reported the same thing. Who knows?

In any case, I was extremely happy with this test experience. Now, only two tests left for the mid-tier SQL certifications. After that, maybe I’ll think about trying for the MCSM. Not sure if I will go that far or not.

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